Developing simple laboratory automation for biological research.

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At Recombiotics we strive for making biology easy. Currently, biology is messy unstandardized and very time-consuming. We focus on making affordable and easy to use machines that can be used by the researcher. Thereby ensuring a fast high fidelity workflow for each researcher. Our machines can be used for a dedicated task or for automating an entire workflow by stringing the machine together into a fully automated workflow. Insuring that you can go from idea to product as fast as possible. Why limited by menial laboratory tasks?


Biological laboratory work is mostly done manually by a researcher at the university or a team of researchers in the industry. Much of the research time is used for simple tedious tasks ensuring that the experiments can function correctly. This is done due to the lack of effective standardization within biology. Many modern research facilities, especially in the industry, are increasingly focusing on automation to solve this standardization problem. This solution has the added benefit of being automated, thereby freeing up much of the researchers time that would otherwise be used for repetitive tasks. These machines have the drawbacks of being complex, hard to use hard to repair and extremely expensive. Unfortunately, many university labs and smaller companies do not have the money to invest in these expensive machines or the qualified staff to use these machines.
We are creating affordable machines that can run similar processes but at a much lower price and in a more user-friendly way. Our concept is based on building small machines that can automate different laboratory processes such as cloning, PCR, plasmid purification and more. These machines can be used separately by the researcher or strung together in series. In this way, they can create the same workflows as the expensive machines and with a lower total cost. The machines can also be used separately to automate a smaller part of the daily laboratory work.

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